Allergy Elimination
Treatment (AET)

Using proven techniques to isolate sensitivities and allergic reactions, this approach relieves suffering, and in most cases elminates allergies all together.

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clinical Nutrition

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The Chiropractic Connection Center

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wellness through lifestyle modification

Our goal is to assist you in your effort to maintain optimal heath.

Mission Statement:

The Essential Care Center’s primary purpose is to make the Kansas City area a better place one patient at a time; thereby the Midwest a better place one patient at a time; the USA a better place one patient at a time; and you get the idea. The most important focus of the practice is the individual patient. We do not take insurance, but we do take the necessary time.

The Approach:

The approach of the Essential Care Center is to eliminate those factors that interfere with health, Interference Factors.

Allergies interfere with the body’s ability to use essential nutrients, resulting in sub-clinical and clinical essential nutritional deficiencies. We use Allergy Elimination Technique (AET) and nutritional counseling and supplementation to eliminate these sources of interference.

Leaky Gut Syndrome creates interference by causing allergies to genuine replacement parts and essential nutrients. We have a protocol for eliminating the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Because we live in a toxic world, every patient in our office has a toxic body burden. We remove this interference factor with a superior yet gentle detoxification protocol.

Negative, angry, hateful, etc., thinking creates Interference Factors. We use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help patients get their thinking under control and eliminate their mental Interference Factors.

Lack of optimum exercise and/or a healthy dietary lifestyle creates interference factors. We provide counseling for our patients on optimum diet and exercise programs, eliminating these problems.

Spinal subluxations interfere with the flow of nerve impulses from brain to organs and systems, and also back from organs and systems to the brain and spinal cord. We refer to local Chiropractors to eliminate this interference. Dr. Derek Garcia is the practicing chiropractor in our office. His practice, The Chiropractic Connection Center is featured under Chiropractic at the top of the Home Page.

Interference with the flow of life force, or Chi, leads to improper communication between organs and tissues. We refer to Acupuncturists and energy body workers to eliminate this interference.

Not all patients present with all of these Interference Factors, but all patients demonstrate some. We fix those Interference Factors that fall within our specialty fields and refer to other practitioners when necessary.

If you remove the factors that interfere with optimum health, the body actually heals, naturally. Remember, there are no known diseases caused by a deficiency of a drug.


Allergy Elimination, Clinical Nutrition, Acupuncture, Chiropractic

J. David Beaulieu


Ross Smith

Allergy Elimination, Chiropractic

Derek Garcia



With over 18 years of experience in Allergy Elimination and 50 years in the practice of Clinical Nutrition.

Every patient that presents in my office demonstrates three interference factors affecting their health and contributing to their complaint(s).

First, as an Allergy Elimination office, patients come because they hear about the wonderful results we get eliminating allergies and sensitivities. Allergies and sensitivities are caused by Leaky Gut Syndrome and interfere with our ability to adequately utilize essential nutrients, interfere with optimum immune function, compromise and interfere with our stress response mechanisms, and interfere with normal behavior by gut involvement with mild Attention Deficit Disorder to severe Schizophrenias.

Second, because of the Food Manufacturers and Big Agribusiness manipulation of the food supply, exclusive to this country, sub-clinical to clinical essential nutritional deficiency is in evidence in virtually every patient. Genetically modified and nutrient poor manufactured foods interfere with our need for an adequate amount of genuine replacement parts on an ongoing basis. Without genuine replacement parts in adequate amounts we are beginning to see a downward trend in life expectancy, and there is no question that our quality of life in our later years has been falling for decades. Nutritional supplementation, therefore, is critical to assure adequate genuine replacement parts.

Third, due to the damage to our air quality and water purity, not to mention environmental poisons, off-gassing from new carpeting, man-made paneling, insecticides, etc., a toxic body burden is universal, and a toxic body burden interferes with health. We know that even newborn babies contain hundreds of toxic chemicals that were not present in the past. This necessitates a Detoxification protocol if optimum health is to be achieved.

New Patients

In Medicine, the latest catch words are Functional and Integrative, and they describe a very old approach, the only difference being a new name. That approach focuses on cause(s) instead of symptoms, and relies more on lifestyle changes to produce outcomes than drugs to eliminate symptoms. It is meeting strong resistance from the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Industrial complex that has taken over both the teaching and practice of medicine.

The Essential Care Center in Mission Kansas is a Chiropractic office, and as such has always been both Functional and Integrative in approach. The majority of our patients have suffered needlessly for years and gone through extensive medical workups elsewhere only to find that their health problems were treatable with lifestyle changes and proper nutritional support. Our approach emphasizes the following:

Comprehensive Neuro-muscular biofeedback testing directed at uncovering underlying cause(s), that is noninvasive, painless, side effect free, and inexpensive.

Food allergies and sensitivities are frequently the cause of unusual and/or difficult to treat issues that can easily be addressed via the use of Allergy Elimination Technique (AET). Our staff has more experience with AET than any other office in the area. We also employ a protocol to treat the Leaky Gut Syndrome and rebalance the gut micrbiome, the underlying cause of allergy.

An organic nutrient-dense diet is a critical component of any treatment plan, lifestyle counseling and education contribute to minimize exposure to environmental toxins.

Gentle detoxification to eliminate a chemical toxic body burden.

Today’s patients are alarmingly over-medicated and the long term side effects are largely unknown. Once underlying health and nutritional issues are addressed, most patients can be treated without, or at least with reduced prescription medications under the direction of the family M.D.

It is always easier to reverse health challenges that are relatively recent in onset, but it is never too late to achieve better health.

What to expect on your first visit

All new patients are first screened by telephone to determine whether they are a good candidate for the Essential Care Center approach. There is no charge for that telephone consultation. For the first office visit we schedule sixty (60) minutes for the examination, which is usually followed by the first treatment. Because most of our patients have significant health challenges, this exam time is necessary to look at the problem from a different perspective. In all honesty, the current medical system has failed most of our patients, and to continue with the same approach while expecting a different outcome is at best foolhardy.

Due to the chemical sensitivities of most of our patients, we ask that all family members and caregivers attending the appointment refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, and scented lotions the day of the appointment. Likewise, many of our patients have food allergies and sensitivities and need to be protected from accidental exposure. Feel free to bring a water bottle to your appointment but please refrain from other beverages and limit snacks to items that are gluten, casein, corn, soy and nut free.

Because insurance coding is not designed for extended visits, nutritional and Neuro-muscular biofeedback testing, or preventive health measures, we do not accept insurance. Payment is due at time of service. We will provide treatment and diagnostic codes for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement; however, we would be considered out of network by most insurance companies.