a few words about Dr. David

My approach has always been focused on the 'essential.' What does the body need? What is the obstruction to optimal health?



In a world that is increasingly toxic, we are quite simply at war with our physiology. It is time for you to take your health into your own hands and solve the puzzle of why you don't feel as well as you should.

The concept of looking for cure in the source of the ailment seems to be a lost art. So much focus is put on medicating the symptoms, we lose sight of the fact that we are high specialized organisms that are designed to work under some very specific conditions using the right fuels.

I think teaching has always been my first love, whether one-on-one or to a group. I am best known around Kansas City for my classes in Nutrition at the Communiversity extension of the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and my radio call-in talk shows. Over the years, I have hosted five local radio talk shows, the last of which, Choices and Consequences, ended in 1997. I still enjoy lecturing enough to occasionally speak on Polynesian Psycho-religious Philosophy and Do It Yourself Anti-Aging.»

- Dr. David

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Patient Stories

  • «I came to Dr. David out of sheer desperation. My 5 year old son had a severe peanut/tree nut allergy. His first day of kindergarten, he began having an allergic reaction when several of the other students pulled out their snacks with peanuts and peanut butter. Last week I watched my son rub a peanut on his lips with absolutely no reaction. I was smiling the entire way home from our appointment.»

    - Abby Downing
  • «I was skeptical, to say the least, but desperation won out over skepticism. We proceeded with NAET and the treatments were nothing short of incredible. Following NAET, she has had no reoccurrence or treatment for asthma in ten years. No inhalers, no nebulizer, no medications, no trips to the hospital for asthma!»

    - Betsy O'Neal, R.N.
  • «Intestinal distress had become a way of life for me. Dr. David was the first and only doctor who took the time to talk with me first and then examine me. He identified my very distressed upper and lower intestinal track among other weak areas and prescribed a vitamin and probiotic regimen that helped me begin to heal.»

    - Linda Stainbrook
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