Chris Jorgensen

August 20, 2009

1600 Genessee St. Ste. 502
Kansas City MO 64102

Chris Jorgensen specializes in Attunement, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, and Flower Essence Therapy.

A personal note from Dr. David:

I have had the pleasure of Chris Jorgensen’s friendship since 1997. I became aware of his ability as a healer using the Attunement technique from the positive results accomplished with Tourettes syndrome, a medically unresponsive condition.

As an objective observer, I began to note more and more interesting and positive experiences in our shared patient clientele. Most of these patients were classified as medically untreatable.

Some people have a healing gift, and I believe that Chris is one of these unique people. Both my nurses and myself have been impressed enough with the Attunement process that we have taken his classes.

When asked what Chris does in his practice, my response is, “He’s a healer.”

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