Jan Kelly
Midwest Myofascial Release Center

March 14, 2013

Midwest Myofascial Release Center
7270 Windmill Village Office Park, Blg #7
Overland Park, KS 66212
Telephone: 913-706-2294
Web Site: Midwest Myofascial Release Center

A personal note from Dr. David:

Jan Kelly operates the Midwest Myofascial Release Center. I suggest that you investigate her services. She has been a patient and friend of my office for many years, and a person of integrity and commitment in the field of functional health care. I am pleased to steer you in her direction.

In the body, fascia (a VERY THIN hairnet-like covering) covers everything. It is given short shrift in anatomy books and anatomy classes because it is such a thin film covering that it is next to impossible to dissect, as opposed to muscles and blood vessels that are easy to demonstrate on dissection. Nevertheless, fascia communicates with all other bodily tissues and is an important system in an organism where all the systems are talking to each other every moment of our lives.

Fascia allows our internal parts to move smoothly over all the other surrounding parts, so it is critical to mobility. Unfortunately, fascia can become damaged, and when that happens, mobility is compromised. The discomfort and pain patterns that accompany that damage may not be the worst scenario. When fascia becomes damaged, so does the communication that flows from it every moment to all the other organs and systems. It’s complicated, but everything affects everything. For example, it would not be unusual for fascial damage in a shoulder to contribute to a compromised immune system, digestive system, or a behavioral problem.

When joint stiffness and muscle soreness do not respond appropriately to simple massage, it is in the best interest of overall optimum health to have an evaluation to determine whether myofascial release therapy is indicated. I have no hesitation to recommend myofascial evaluation and Jan Kelly to my patients and friends and am proud to include her on my Referral Network.

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