Patient Stories

Anaphylactic Peanut Allergy — Gone!

I came to Dr. David out of sheer desperation. My 5 year old son had a severe peanut/tree nut allergy.

His first day of kindergarten, he began having an allergic reaction when several of the other students pulled out their snacks with peanuts and peanut butter. I took him home in tears and worried that he would never be able to do “normal kid” things like go to birthday parties and baseball games.

On a random blog I heard about NAET. I began to research a bit and found a few practitioners in Kansas City. I called to make an appointment and was told I could call Dr. David ahead of time and ask him all my questions.

This is one of my favorite things about Dr. David and is actually one reason I felt safe coming in the first place. It made me feel like I wasn’t being scammed out of money on something that would never work. Also, because NAET is so far outside of the norm in western medicine, I was able to hear all about what would happen once I came to the office, get all my questions answered, and process if this was the best choice for my son before I ever paid a dime. Dr. David patiently talked with me 4 or 5 times on the phone (I was constantly thinking of new questions) before I came for our first appointment.

We started coming weekly, and our experience has been nothing but positive. Last week I watched my son rub a peanut on his lips with absolutely no reaction. I was smiling the entire way home from our appointment.

I am so thankful that he can do normal things with no fear and I can have peace of mind. When we first started coming I was skeptical, but willing to try anything as long as it didn’t put my son in any danger, and now I am a believer.

I want you all to know how thankful I am for you. You were all so kind and patient with this scared mama as we walked through this process. We will miss seeing you every week!!

NAET Treatment for life threatening Asthma, Allergies and Sensitivities

It is difficult for me to believe that it will soon be forty years that I have been signing “RN” after my signature on medical charts. Those forty years have provided many experiences and opportunities to see changes in the medical field. I am certain that many commonly accepted medical practices in those initial years would be considered malpractice today. It makes me wonder what practices in the medical field today will be considered malpractice in the next forty years?

I have experienced a professional epiphany and have come to realize that the healthcare system does not necessarily facilitate good health. Unfortunately, the existing system functions as a disease management system where many times symptoms are alleviated, but physiological causes are never addressed. There are trained physicians adhering to the standards of care they were taught; yet there seems to be a revolving door of patients who have a growing list of medications. The results are frustrating for both patients and practitioners.

Another term used loosely in the medical community is health care team. As the patient, you are a member of the team. It benefits you to be more knowledgeable about your health conditions. Many accepted medical standards of care today fall short of having true therapeutic and restorative value. There are definite systemic problems but that should not undermine the professionals’ duty to do the job well or prevent openness to alternative/complementary options to care. With the technology available today, you have enormous amounts of information available to help you make informed decisions about you choices. Use it! Any doctor who encourages you otherwise is not the doctor for you. Choose your physician wisely!

When our daughter had been diagnosed with severe, life-threatening asthma, my husband and I felt we had few choices in regards to her medical care. We saw pediatricians, allergists, and pulmonologists in consultation and it was a great concern when she obtained no relief from the traditional medical interventions. The massive dosages of steroids had greatly compromised her health and led us yet to another specialist, the endocrinologist.

After extensive testing, we were told that she had no sever allergies but some mild sensitivities which were, “Certainly nothing that would be contributing to the severity of her condition.” Our concerns continued to grow as her condition grew more ominous.

I received a phone call from a concerned family friend, who happens to be a family practice doctor. He hesitantly suggested that we had other “alternatives” and told us about NAET. I started my journey into alternative/complimentary medicine and did some research. I found that NAET, short for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Treatment, was a unique approach to treating allergies/sensitivities and other chronic inflammatory conditions.

I met with “Dr. David”. Dr. David Beaulieu, M.S., D.C. is the leading NAET Practitioner in the KS/MO area. He explained that the treatments are non-invasive and a drug free natural solution to eliminate allergies/sensitivities of all types and intensities through the use of “energy balancing” kinesiology and acupressure. Dr. David has been using NAET in conjunction with other modalities in his practice for over fifteen years.

I was skeptical, to say the least, but desperation won out over skepticism. We proceeded with NAET and the treatments were nothing short of incredible. Following NAET, she has had no reoccurrence or treatment for asthma in ten years. No inhalers, no nebulizer, no medications, no trips to the hospital for asthma! I wondered, “If NAET can do this for asthma, what can it do for other chronic inflammatory diseases?”

I was invited by Dr. David to learn more and began to “shadow” him in his office. For over a year I was observing, asking questions and satisfying my curiosity regarding the use and effectiveness of NAET. I even had NAET treatments myself and found that my health improved. No longer did I have those vague “I don’t feel good” complaints. I felt better than I had felt in twenty years. I began following the life-style instructions I heard him giving to patients. I’m now one of the few women my age that I know who can say “I am pharmaceutically FREE.”

Because of the many positive patient outcomes I have observed with Dr. David, I made the decision to go to California to be trained in NAET and Advanced NAET with the founder, Dr. Devi Nambudripad. It has been the most satisfying experience of my nursing career to work with Dr. David in his practice and to assist in the treatment of patients with a wide gamut of inflammatory disease processes. Most of our patients, like my daughter, come to our office as an act of desperation when nothing else they have tried has brought any relief or improved the quality of life.

If you wonder if you might benefit from NAET; if you just don’t feel as good as you think you should and don’t know why; if you have been told you have no allergies or sensitivities but still have symptoms; if you are taking numerous prescription drugs and finding no relief from physical symptoms, consider the possibilities of NAET. Dr. David Beaulieu is available for free telephone consultations to discuss your health and nutritional concerns at 800-888-4866 on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. between 10 and 12 CT. You can view the web site at Be sure to read our “Patient Stories”, which are testimonies of how patients have been helped by NAET.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Overcoming chronic intestinal upset

I have suffered from chronic constipation and horrible gas issues since early childhood and have seen many doctors and had many traditional tests regarding these issues. I was once told that I had a spastic colon after which I was advised not to eat popcorn and that was all I was told.

After some personal investigation (thank goodness for the internet) I determined that I had the typical symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) but nothing I did with my diet eased my ongoing discomfort. Intestinal distress had become a way of life for me. After the age of 50, my chronic constipation turned to frequent uncontrollable diarrhea.

Fortunately, two years ago Dr. David was recommended to me by my daughter-in-law.

Dr. David was the first and only doctor who took the time to talk with me first and then examine me. He identified my very distressed upper and lower intestinal track among other weak areas and prescribed a vitamin and probiotic regimen that helped me begin to heal.

He also identified food allergies that contributed to my intestinal distress. Calcium was one of the many minerals/supplements that I could not absorb and was one of the many things, along with dairy products, that resulted in uncontrollable diarrhea. My inability to absorb calcium created potential bone loss issues as I continued to age.

After a few NAET treatments, I was able to overcome many of those allergies which allowed me to begin taking calcium supplements again. Fortunately, my bone scans now reveal a normal bone density for my age.

Although Dr. David’s vitamin and NAET treatments have been invaluable to my quality of life, his greatest gift to me is the time he takes to answer my questions not only when I am in his office but during his “free” call times.

I have never worked with a doctor who takes the time to answer all of my questions in a manner that is clear to me with such grace and understanding. Dr. David has dedicated his life to helping others and is a credit to the medical profession.

Seasonal Relief For A School Teacher

Dear Dr. David,

I haven’t been able to continue treatments during this school year because of my work schedule this year. But as spring arrives and everyone is suffering from spring allergies, I suddenly realized that I am NOT!! I can’t thank you enough.

In addition, my B.M.’s have remained perfect. You are a miracle worker!!

Thank you so much,
Miki Heyne

A Life-long Cat Allergy Eliminated

Hi Dr. David,

I wanted to tell you about an amazing and wonderful event in my life this week. Ever since I was a child I was remarkably allergic to cats. It has only gotten worse over the decades. I couldn’t even go to someone’s house who had a cat. Within a few minutes I would be wheezing, sneezing, itching, and dripping and have to go home.

I did several NAET treatments at you r office with your nurse, Betsy for various aspects of cat allergies including cat hair, cat saliva, cat urine, and kitty litter.

I brought in samples of cat hair and saliva for all the cats I know. I have several cats, they are mostly outdoor cats since I live on a farm. I have never been able to pet my cats without having a huge allergy attack. I certainly would never consider brushing a cat.

Since having NAET I am now able to pet my cats, which is very enjoyable for me but I still had not gotten my courage up enough to brush a cat. The idea just seemed to be pure folly. Remember, I have had a lifetime of allergy issues with cats. Then last week I realized that my long haired cat was shedding his winter coat and had developed quite a few mats. I was unable to convince my husband that he should brush the cat to get the mats out so I bravely decided to tackle the project myself. Soon I found myself sitting in a sea of cat hair with hair swirling in the air around me and sticking to my clothes in big clumps.

Amazingly, this did not trigger a huge allergy attack. I am simply amazed that NAET could have worked this well, really beyond my wildest dreams. There is no amount of drugs that could have kept a major allergy attack from occurring under those circumstances.

Besides solving the cat allergy, I can now eat a wide variety of foods without getting a headache. I never thought that would be possible. NAET is just a wonderful, effective, painless and inexpensive treatment modality. I highly recommend it to anyone with any kind of allergies. It can truly change a person’s life.

Sharon Arnoldi

Allergy Related Heart Problems (Angina) and Digestive Problems In A Sixty Year Old Male

In July, 2008, I was 59 years old and two months from my 60th birthday. I started having chest pains. I had such a bad pain one evening that my girlfriend took me to the emergency room. They kept me over-night for observation. My blood tests showed my heart enzymes were okay but I was experiencing a rapid and irregular heart beat that would come and go. The cardiologist told me I had blocked arteries and should go through an arterial catheterization and maybe have a stent put in or bypass surgery. This determination was made without any tests or scans to validate such a diagnosis. Having read books by Dr. Sherry Rogers, I was aware of safer options available to me. I opted for Chelation therapy and told the Cardiologist, who then told me I would be dead in 30 days.

Since then I have had 39 chelation treatments. I also paid to have a CAT scan of my heart which revealed only one occlusion of a branch artery of the LAD. My main arteries were okay. I believe Dr. Doom at the hospital was just trying to scare me into a procedure to make him a few bucks and lessen the quality of my life, just like Dr. Sherry Rogers warned.

Another health concern I’ve had the last 30 plus years is chronic heartburn and acid reflux. I tried to control it with antacids of all kind: Tums, Rolaids, Alka Seltzer, baking soda. When Zantac became an over the counter drug, I was all over it. It turns out that all those antacids did for me was give me leaky gut syndrome. They also ruined my stomach lining. My girlfriend, Elizabeth, had been telling me all along to stop taking antacids, but I didn’t listen. I didn’t know what to do until a friend gave me a brochure about a doctor that treated people with leaky gut and allergies by using a treatment called NAET. Elizabeth and I made an appointment to see Dr. David Beaulieu. That was October, 2008.

At that time, I was still experiencing frequent intermittent chest pains, Angina. Dr. David performed a muscle resistance test (MRT) to determine what foods, chemicals or other things I might be sensitive to. It turns out it was a lot of things. I started NAET treatments right away. After a few months of doing NAET I was still having problems with my digestion and frequent Angina. I was consistently having diarrhea soon after eating meals and Angina after exertion. Dr. David and his nurse were concerned that I was not responding to the NAET treatments like I should. I was given a more extensive MRT by Dr. David and it was determined that I had mercury poisoning in my heart. I needed to get my amalgam fillings removed immediately as they were interfering with my recovery.

I had the fillings removed by March, 2009. When I started NAET treatments again things started getting better. Dr. David has shown Elizabeth and me how to do MRT on ourselves. I’ve discovered that I have a lot of different allergies/sensitivities. I am sensitive to different combinations like certain carbohydrates with proteins, my laptop only when I attach headphones, and certain vitamins and supplements cause a reaction when taken together. I also had a reaction to toothpicks, and paper towels. I can eat corn chips and salsa and beer if I drink only certain types of beer.

My heart symptoms and digestive symptoms have improved tremendously but they still occur occasionally, associated with various allergies/sensitivities. We find the culprit, NAET fixes it, and the heart pattern is better until the next culprit shows up. As it turns out, the heart problem was mostly due to mercury toxicity and allergies. I’m certainly glad I didn’t agree to bypass surgery or any other invasive procedure. I have learned a lot about my body and health thanks to Dr. David. I am now taking the vitamins, enzymes and other supplements I need plus eating a more healthful diet.

I don’t know if I will ever fully recover from my health problems because some of the damage is probably permanent, but I know I have a much better chance doing so this way as opposed to conventional medicine. I’m doing just fine without hardware in my arteries and life threatening drugs in my system.

Developmental Delays and Breathing Difficulty

This portion of the story is told by Hudson’s Grandma, Laruetta Collins.

This Christmas season the Collins family has come to realize a true “miracle” and “blessing” was given to us through God our Savior. Through his divine directing and orchestrating, the care of our Grandson Hudson, fell into the healing hands of Dr. David and his staff.

Our journey to Dr David started when Hudson became very ill with acid reflux and breathing problems which was also causing multiple developmental delays. A weekend visit from Hudson and his parents became the alarming eye opener for me and Hudson’s PaPa. Hudson was thirteen months old at the time of this particular visit. His skin tone was a grayish color; he was suffering from a horrible sticky, grainy foul smelling diarrhea. He was very lethargic and was mostly comfortable in a semi incline position. The only developmental milestone he was displaying was in a sitting position with support. If he tumbled over he couldn’t use his arms to catch himself or push himself up. His muscular and neurological systems seemed to be under distress as well.

Fear and worry replaced the “joy” we always felt in our hearts after a weekend visit with our kids and grandkids. Thankfully, the fear and worry I felt gave me many sleepless nights and the opportunity to have quiet time of prayer and searching for comfort through scriptures. One evening after I totally submitted the fear and giving this problem over to the Lord, he gave me the scripture Psalm 2:11. The fear and worry melted into Peace with the acknowledgment of knowing I had the Master Physician on my side. I immediately had an urgency to research for a Dr. in the Kansas City area who treated with Probiotics. In no time at all, I had found Dr. David’s website and began reading about all the success he and his staff have had treating conditions similar to our grandson. I was thrilled, excited and overwhelmed with joy.

The next day I talked to one of Dr. David’s staff who was so kind and understanding. She just seemed to know what this young family had been going through. She gave me the times to call and talk to Dr. David and said he would talk to us as long as we needed and this was a free service he offered. My husband and I called the next day. Dr. David listened to our story from the time Hudson’s birth with all his symptoms and developmentally delayed milestones we have observed in his short life. He encouraged us and gave us hope. Our fears and worries melted into tears of joy and hope as we finally felt we were in the right hands. Now, we knew we had to call our son, Derek and his wife. But, again the ole fears and doubts crept back. We knew we had found help for Hudson, but how would we convince our son and his wife to just make a phone call to Dr. David? Our doubts were unwarranted. You see, the PLAN was already set in motion the night my prayers were answered and the scripture given to me. We are so blessed to have Christian children who are ready and open to listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction. Derek made the phone call and an appointment. I know someday I will be sitting in the bleachers watching our healthy grandson play sports, while I praise God for his direction in leading us to Dr. David and his staff.

This portion of Hudson’s story is told by Hudson’s mother, DeDe Collins.

Our son, Hudson was 13 months old when we started seeing Dr. David and his staff. My husband and I had taken Hudson to numerous pediatricians who all had different opinions and diagnoses for what they believed to be wrong with him. Since Hudson’s birth, his breathing sounded awful, like there was fluid and or phlegm in his airway. At age 3 months, when he would try cooing, laughing or making sounds with his voice box; it would send him into choking and coughing fits. He soon stopped trying to speak at all. Nighttime was scary because he could choke and cough off/on all night long. He spent many nights sleeping in an elevated position in a bouncy chair next to our bed to keep him from choking for his first year of life.

The pediatricians told us he was too young to have allergies, and that what we were hearing in his airways was just ‘floppiness’ that many infants and babies have from birth, but will outgrow soon. Chest x-rays always came back negative for fluid even though it sounded like he had pneumonia. Several of his doctors told us he needed a nebulizer with Albuterol and prescribed steroids as well to help him when he would have episodes of croup. The steroids would help when episodes were severe, but the nebulizer breathing treatments with Albuterol never helped him at all.

Hudson had horrible acid reflux since birth and had to wear a bib 24/7 due to so much regurgitation for several hours following meals. The pediatricians put him on Ranitidine shortly after birth to help with the pain that he would experience during the reflux, but did nothing to reduce the amount or timing of the reflux. We were never able to lay Hudson on his stomach without his crying like it hurt him. All the pediatricians told me he did not hurt and was just being stubborn. Hudson is our third child and has by far been our most even tempered and pleasant natured baby. I think I can tell the difference between a hurting cry and a whining cry, but the doctors would not listen to me.

Hudson had bowel movements 7 to 9 times a day and would sometimes appear to have tan and black sand in them that would be difficult to clean off with a wet wipe. He had an open wound on one side of his buttocks when he first came home from the hospital after birth. We tried every type of ointment and cream over-the-counter and prescription there was, but it would never clear up completely and would sometimes swell and bleed following bowel movements. The Doctors told me the 7 to 9 bowel movements per day were normal for some babies as long as not runny like diarrhea or accompanied by a fever. I quit nursing him at 2 months of age and tried every type of formula out there!! I eventually tried Soy formula and Hudson’s open wound healed up for the first time ever!

When Hudson started trying baby food, he would occasionally have bowel movements that would scald and burn his butt on contact! You could not change his diapers fast enough as he would gasp and scream, and many times his skin would bleed from them.

The constant reflux, frequent bowel movements and breathing problems were taking a toll on Hudson’s overall health and development. He was significantly behind in muscle development and neurological development. At age 13 months, he could not sit for very long without falling over and would not use his arms, legs, or hands in an attempt to catch himself or push himself up. He would not stand on his legs while holding him up like most babies do when starting to use their legs, and he could not roll front to back or vice versa. It was as if he did not have any muscles in his arms or legs. Again, the pediatricians denied the possibility that there were any underlying medical causes for these conditions and recommended we start taking him to a physical therapist!

This is when Hudson’s grandparents called us with their concerns and told us about a Dr. David they had done some research on in Kansas City area; whom they hoped could find a possible cause and cure for Hudson’s delays in development and persistent health problems.

My husband called Dr. David’s office and made an appointment for Hudson. When Dr. David first saw Hudson, he tested him for all types of allergies. Hudson tested positive to allergies to MANY things, like Eggs, chicken , calcium, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, B Complex, cane sugar, rice sugar, glucose, lactose, honey, wheat, corn, rice, barley, stomach acids, and many minerals like copper, fluoride, gold, iodine, nickel, silver, zinc and potassium. Dr. David gave my husband his diagnosis of “leaky gut syndrome” and allergic complications that can stem from such a condition.

My husband’s first impression was, “What in the heck is going on?” The first time you meet Dr David and have an evaluation done, you will think he has lost his mind. It is a very unique system that relies on resistance and energy. When my husband came home after the first appointment, he explained the types of things they did to test Hudson. I also thought it sounded nuts, but my husband believed that this is where Hudson needed to be and asked me to go along with the NAET treatment process, and to believe that this would work.

Dr David doesn’t hold anything back. He tells you how it is, how it needs to be, and explains how following this course of treatment is going to target and treat the source of the problem. My husband was very impressed with Dr David and his staff. From the time you check in with receptionist Chris to receiving a treatment from nurse Betsy or Dr. David, you will see how much they truly care about you or your child. If you are not certain about whether or not NAET could work for you, take some time to go meet them. Each one of them will tell you stories about how NAET has helped them or one of their love ones. You will be amazed at some of the stories you will hear. Bottom line is, you just have to keep with it and before you know it you will start believing because of the results.

My husband kept an open mind and made the commitment to take off work every Wednesday afternoon, so he would be able to start taking Hudson for non-needle acupuncture allergy treatments. After just 2 treatments with Dr. David, we heard Hudson breathe clearly for the first time ever!!! After 2 months of treatments, Hudson was able to lie on his stomach without pain for the first time!! Hudson is now 20 months old and progressing at a steady pace. He now rolls and scoots around the house, and is pretty fast too for not crawling yet! 2 weeks ago he began using his legs to support his body weight and has shown us that he is now able to stand for brief intervals. He has not needed a bib for about 2 months, and being on his stomach has not hurt him for a long time. He loves a variety of foods and can eat everything that the rest of the family eats at dinner time. He has started using his vocal cords again now that it no longer induces coughing and choking fits. And his favorite sound to make is “Da Da” of course.

We are so thankful to Dr. David and his staff for recognizing and being able to successfully treat the source of Hudson’s troubles, instead of treating the symptoms with more medicines like the pediatricians had been doing. We are thankful to our families for their prayers and for seeking help outside generalized medicine. And we are far most thankful to God for placing a sense of urgency in the hearts and minds of our families which in turn led us to Dr. David’s practice. There is now a light at the end of our tunnel and a healthy child holding our hand as we walk through.

Headaches and Food Allergy: A local businessman’s story of recovery from severe headaches resulting from his food allergies

I had headaches at least every couple days for about the last 10 years. Ridiculous! I cannot remember when I have had more than 2 days without a headache.

I know so many people in the same situation, suffering daily. The list includes my mother and sister, both are vegetarians. My mom has a headache every day and is addicted to Excedrin, a habit which gives such relief in the short term, but inflicts such cruel damage to the body and creates an addiction worse than the original problem. There are so many short term solutions to these headaches, so much so that an entire industry is built around the headache.

But why are these headaches occurring? That’s the important question! After searching for this illusive answer for the past 10 years, I have come to some very shocking information regarding diet, health, and my very sturdy, but yet fragile ecosystem that I inhabit.

My life with food, nutrition, guilt and the reality of life…

I guess the question I struggle with today is not what made a staunch vegan start to eat meat. That answer is simple – the quest to find a cure for my headaches. My question is still the same one I have had for the last 10 years. Why do I have headaches?

First, let me tell you a little about my life so far. For most of my life I have been almost exclusively a carnivore. Given the choice, I ate meat with no desire for any other dietary substance. I was raised in a household with a mother who loved chicken and a father who ate red meat. But strangely enough, my parents both became vegetarians when I was 14. It was an ethical decision for them. My parents were great, they let my sister and me make our own decisions about our dietary intake. So we ate meat.

As any troublesome teen, I rebelled and ate as much as I could get my hands on. More meat pleas, hold the veggies. I even worked in a BBQ restaurant; free meat all day long, every day. I felt great. I smoked, drank, did drugs, you name it, I did it! I was young and nothing seemed like it could do any damage.

Then somewhere in college I found myself as a vegetarian. I was opposed to the way animals were treated and grown. It did not seem right that the animals suffered so, but I have always been on the border whether consuming flesh was right or wrong. After all, right and wrong are simply perceptions, we all have them and they are no more than that, perceptions, and perceptions change with circumstance.

Because of this “perception” issue, my perceptions changed several times over the next few years. I was a vegetarian, then a carnivore, then a vegetarian, and so on… but I never really ate veggies when a carnivore or meat when a vegetarian. But what I had always been sure about was that, as a consumer, it was my responsibility to do what I felt was right, and to uphold my ethical and moral beliefs with my decisions. My life was so easy then – eat meat and enjoy, no veggies required.

Then I met Sandi, my wife and owner of Eden Alley Vegetarian Cafe. She cooks so amazingly that I realized I could give up meat and not miss it. Her cooking is layers upon layers of flavors disguised as simple vegetarian food. Whole food nutrition that tasted better than anything I had ever encountered. So, I gave up meat without a doubt that I was moving in a healthier direction.

I stopped smoking somewhere in here too, and life was great! Running a vegetarian restaurant makes it easy to be vegetarian because there’s food I could eat everywhere around me, and great tasting food at that.

But I found that I missed the texture of meat, the chew. Then I discovered meat substitutes. The joy of processed foods that had a similar texture to meat. Textured vegetable protein and wheat gluten were constants in my diet. Oh the joy of the chew without the death and suffering of an animal.

Could life get any better? I was married to the hardest working, greatest woman I had ever met, helping to run an amazing restaurant.

Then the headaches started. Slowly at first, but with astounding pounding pressures that would leave me curled up on our bed wanting to die.

So, the search for the cure started. In my quest, with such excruciating headaches that I wanted to crawl in a hole and die, I went to the one place that seemed they could help me, the Headache and Pain Center, it’s in the name. Well, I was told that the chances of finding the cause of my headaches was so low that I shouldn’t even bother. Their solution was to place me on antidepressants, but I wasn’t depressed. No matter, supposedly, they help headache sufferers too.

Even ten years ago I knew that this was the wrong approach for me. It did not answer the question as to why I had headaches. The headaches were obviously the symptom of something. What was the answer I was looking for, not just something to mask the pain of the message my body was sending me.

So, the quest continued. I started to look at everything I put into my body. What was the trigger for these awful pains that left me feeling less than the supercharged person I was without them?

As I was now, again, a vegetarian, helping to run a vegetarian restaurant, I was eating a typical vegetarian menu consisting of tofu, beans, rice, breads, eggs, dairy, etc. Then my doctor tells me I have high cholesterol. What, now that I am not eating meat? So, I started Lipitor to control my cholesterol. However, my headaches become more frequent. Even though my cholesterol is slightly lower, my doctor tells me my blood pressure is high. So, I am now taking a blood pressure lowering drug.

This was just great. I am not a big supporter of pharmaceuticals and was not to happy taking these drugs… like my life depended on it! I have always believed that nature has the answer to our health, so taking prescription medication simply went against what I felt was right, but because my doctor said I really needed it, I took it. That was the start of the end of my trust for the medical community and what they perceive to be the truth of our biology.

I started switching doctors, looking for one that might have a clue about solutions to causes instead of masks for symptoms. I asked them all if the Lipitor could be contributing to my headaches and high blood pressure. They all said there has been nothing written about that. But I said, I have never had high blood pressure until I started on Lipitor. It did not make sense to me, and so I question authority, it’s just the nature of how I was raised, thankfully. Long story short, once I got off cholesterol lowering drugs, my blood pressure was fine and I had fewer headaches. But of course, there was no correlation!

So what was causing these headaches still? Soy? As a vegetarian, I was ingesting a lot of this stuff. I confirmed it time and time again in my many trials. Eating tofu made my head split open. Thus, I felt the answer to my painful life was found, but it was only the beginning.

Then I found Dr. David, and now, after one visit to Dr. David for NAET, no headache! No headache, what kind of magic is this?

Does it really matter what’s behind it if it works? To me it does. I love learning and understanding. So, I have bought all the books about this written by the founder of NAET, Dr. Devi Nambudripad, and am loving the read. My first was “Say Goodbye To Headaches” of course.

So here is NAET in a nutshell – Greg’s nut shell of a brain.

My body knows what it needs, and what it doesn’t, what bothers it and what helps it. So, Dr. David just asked the right questions and used muscle checking, a method that has been used for centuries, to get the answer.

In my first visit, he checked for the most common 18 allergens and digestive disorders known to this system. Of these, I tested positive for 11 of them.

Currently, my body cannot process protein from any other source than cow. Luckily, that’s what I’ve been eating as of the last few weeks, 100% grass fed, no grain. My body had already figured that one out, but nice to see the proof.

My body is unable to assimilate a whole heap load of nutrients from the foods I have been eating as a vegan. The doctor believes, and stated his proof, that a vegan diet is not sustainable for more than a few years for the majority of people. He did say a small percentage of people thrive on being vegan, but apparently not me. He used to be a vegan, coincidentally. He stated that a vegan diet is one of the best things you can do for your body. It is the greatest cleanse and does wonders, but once it is done cleansing, it can have bad effects if continued, and that is seen in my world for sure. Of course, this is his opinion based on the facts he sees, no offense meant to anyone.

So what exactly caused my myriad of headaches for the last 10 years, a really bad vegetarian diet? Well, an overly dominant excess of soy and gluten proteins in the form of “meat substitutes” that made up my diet for the first few years after I turned vegetarian, has given me a “leaky gut“. This allows proteins to escape my gut into the rest of my body. My immune system, which is in perfect shape, sees these proteins as enemies and tries to destroy them and sends the alarm message out, a headache.

I had been a carnivore, so in my early days as a vegetarian, I really missed the chew of meat. Fake meats were everywhere at the health food store. Soy and gluten proteins masquerading as meat solved the chew issue for me, so I ate them to excess. Couple that bad diet with cheese and dairy, a truly crappy vegetarian diet, how could I not have allergy issues? Unfortunately, at the time, I had no idea about a balanced diet in the vegetarian realm.

Of course, many years ago I learned the dangers of a diet completely based on “isolated” proteins, which were stripped from their natural home in the soy-bean and the wheat and grains, and have thus moved away from that predominance, but the damage had been done.

So what now? Currently, I stay on a limited diet consisting of 100% grass-fed cow, egg, and most vegetables and fruits. As my NAET treatments continue, I will go through some different phases, but ultimately, my body will be cured of most, if not all, of its allergies, and of course, my headaches.

And what will my diet consist of then? What will my body say it is supposed to be eating? Stay tuned…

So my beliefs of right and wrong, left and right, up and down, my unique perspective on life – have been my guiding light, my beacon in the night. These beliefs have determined my diet; a diet I have turned into a lifestyle. I mean really, what I eat has taken over what I am. Ok sure, one way we humans differentiate between animals is their diet: this one’s an herbivore, carnivore, or what’s this – an omnivore.

Well, that’s me now for the first time in my life, an omnivore. I’ve spent time as a carnivore, then an herbivore, guess this makes sense. Is there really nothing more to me, that is more important in determining who and what I am than my diet? Really, I mean my diet.

Now, thanks to NAET, I have the entire rainbow of foods to choose from without the fear of the headache. Wow, gotta’ choose wisely.

We’ve heard the saying all our life: “you are what you eat,” but it doesn’t seem that many people really ever consider this to be true. I mean consciously we would all probably agree with this statement, but in reality very few people actually live as such. I sure found this to be true. Crap in crap out.

I was ruining my body. Now Dr. David and Betsy, his nurse, have given me the chance for a whole new life, without fear. Thank you both for giving me a second chance to understand my body’s needs, not just my philosophical desires.

Eczema: A child with eczema resulting in self-esteem issues and multiple pre-diagnosed allergies

Allergies affect many people’s (especially children’s) quality of life. For the first two years of my son Ethan’s life, I prayed that the allergy medicines, lotions, steroid creams, etc. would relieve the itching and discomfort his eczema caused him. His poor skin itched so badly from his allergies that he would quietly sneak away to the corner of the room to scratch it as hard as he could. We would have to cut his fingernails every other day to keep him from hurting himself. Sometimes, even without scratching, his skin would just break open and bleed.

I was excited when we were able to do an allergy blood test. I was hoping to learn what the 1-2 key allergies were that were causing him so much pain and irritation. Instead, I was presented with a very long list of allergies and told that the test did not cover everything. It was impossible to keep Ethan away from everything on that list! How could we relieve his itching and help his skin and yet enable him to live a full, rich life?

My husband, Gus, met a lady at Manna Nutrition who’s granddaughter had had severe eczema until she went through a series of treatments called NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique). The woman explained that the treatment involved re-aligning her granddaughter’s energy fields using acupressure to eliminate (not relieve, eliminate) her allergies. Knowing this sounded too good to be true, she gave my husband Dr. David Beaulieu’s,phone number (1-800-888-4866) and told him that Dr. David answered questions and educated people for free on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 am to noon, CST.

After researching NAET through the resources listed below, Gus and I decided all we had to lose was $. Ethan’s eczema was continually getting worse and as he grew older, he became conscious of what it was. He began to know his skin looked different than other children. He also began to hate the creams as they “make Ethan dirty”. He thought they made him dirty because they were greasy to touch. He did not want to be “dirty” and would cry every time we put the cream on his skin.

The improvement through NAET was gradual at first. We noticed that Ethan did not sneak off into corners anymore. Then he stopped rolling up his sleeves and pants to itch. Next, he was willing to wear shorts and T-shirts and didn’t itch. Gus and I realized we had gone a month without buying Aquaphor and were only applying cream once a day (we used to use 1.5 jars of Aquaphor a week and a tube of steroid cream).

After treating Ethan for the basics, we had him tested and treated for substances that Dr. Nambudripad has historically found to contribute to eczema. After treating for magnesium and benzoates, Ethan’s eczema disappeared from his waist up. The eczema on his legs lightened in color and the skin became somewhat softer. After treating for food coloring, gelatin, and vegetable fat, Ethan needs cream about once a week unless he has a reaction to another substance. Ethan continues to take Singular, Zyrtec and Atarax. Until we are able to treat Ethan for mold, pollen, and peanuts, we will continue to give these to him daily.

If you or a child you know suffers from allergies, please investigate this treatment to learn if it can provide you and yours relief. We can’t thank Dr. David, his nurse Megan Brownlee, and Dr. Nambudripad enough for the healing NAET has given Ethan.

Abdominal Distress: A two and a half year-old with severe abdominal distress and failure to thrive

To Whom It May Concern;

Our then two and a half year old daughter had suffered with loose bowels and stomach cramping since infancy. She was also a much smaller child that her older sister being only 25% of average in height and weight. When she was six months old she needed an aminophylline inhaler for bronchiolitis. She had four ear infections before she was a year old despite being breast fed, no daycare and no smokers in the house.

Then after her first birthday we added dairy to her diet and she got markedly worse with mucousy stools and then even vomiting. I questioned her pediatrician about milk allergies and he said it was possible especially considering her history of ear infections! She finally improved on a strict elimination diet excluding all forms of dairy, soy and peanuts.

After a year of near normalcy her GI problems recurred and now she had eczema. We took her to an allergist who performed a skin-prick food allergy test with only a positive result for peanut. He then admonished us to allow Carlin to have dairy so as not to deprive her, of calcium. However, by now Carlin’s health had deteriorated to the point of waking in the night crying from gas pains and belching sulfur-smelling fumes. She was so uncomfortable she could not fall asleep unless she was upright, so we took turns sleeping in the recliner with her.

We were desperate, then I saw Dr. Beaulieu’s ad for NAET and elimination of childhood allergies permanently. Muscle testing and acupressure to resolve her misery seemed too good to be true, but I knew there could be no placebo effect in a toddler so we pursued treatment. The testing confirmed some things I suspected, like eggs, that conventional testing did not identify. The positive result for calcium made sense given that even her rice milk was calcium fortified.

She was first treated for egg mix and in 24 hours she had a completely normal BM for the first time in her life, and she slept well without any gas or pain. The next week she was treated for calcium mix and her eczema resolved! She did have a crying jag for a couple of hours after the B-vitamin treatment and a head-to-toe rash the day after the vitamin C treatment- further evidence it seemed that the treatments were working.

Two months after starting NAET Carlin was thrilled to be able to eat cheese and ice cream, literally jumping up and down in the kitchen saying, “I can have dairy!”

Perhaps most amazing was her checkup that summer. Two months after starting NAET her height was in the 75th percentile and her weight was 50th. It was obvious that her little body was finally able to utilize the nutrients from her food. We are very grateful to Dr. David, and the whole staff for their part in returning Carlin to good health, and to Dr. Devi Nambrudipad for developing NAET. We don’t like to imagine what Carlin’s life would be like without it!

Michelle Chappell, D.V.M.
Michael Ferrari, Ph.D..