Skyview Farm

August 20, 2009

Skyview Farm
22722 E. 800 Rd.
Pleasanton KS 66075
Telephone: 913-352-8727
Web Site: Skyview Farm

A personal note from Dr. David:

I have had a number of patients refer me to the Noffkes since our old natural meat provider retired, and when I interviewed Sheri Noffke on the phone, it reminded me that farmers who produce naturally grown product are usually alike when it comes to straightforwardness, commitment and integrity.

I think they will carry on splendidly where our old providers left off. I suggest you sign up for their newsletter so you can stay on top of the way they run their business, and when various products are most available.

Grass fed beef and naturally raised chicken is essential to the building of healthy families, and I recommend this type of protein to all my patients. It is what I keep in my own freezer and serve my family and friends.

If you try these products, I believe you will continue to buy them for superior taste and for their health benefits.

Also see my articles on Eating Local, Thinking Global and Protein Is Our Most Misunderstood Food.

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