Preventics Vitamins

The office dispensary is mail order, and offers supplements that are physician quality. The office recommends many nutritional supplements from companies like Standard Process, NuMedica, and Douglas Laboratories that make only physician quality supplements and sell only to licensed health care providers. By clicking on the Preventics badge and clicking on orders you will open another page from which to access the above mentioned companies and their products. By clicking on the appropriate badges you will be instructed on how to use our offices professional ordering codes to order the supplements that have been recommended for you.

Additionally, these companies have numerous specialized products and lines of products that might prove useful. For example, Standard process sells a line of veterinary products that are food quality just like their regular vitamin line, and in my opinion, the best herbal line of supplements in the world, MediHerb.

Eliminate Your Allergies, etc...


There are a number of convenient ways to place your order for the vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and personal care products available from Preventics.

Order by Phone

You can order by phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call our Toll-Free number at 1-800-888-4866.

Order Online (Preventics and Bio-Design)

You can place your Preventics and Standard Process product order securely on-line when using VISA or MasterCard. Easily select the vitamin, mineral, supplement and personal care products you need. There are two order forms:


Bio Design

You can also use our toll-free number 1-800-888-4866 to order by phone.


Order by Mail or FAX

You can mail your Preventics order if paying by check, money order or credit card. You can FAX your order if paying by credit card. Acceptable credit card are VISA or MasterCard. There are two order forms:

1. Preventics Mail Order Form is convenient if you use the catalog listing to keep track of or select your supplement needs. The products are arranged in the catalog categories.

2. Preventics Alphabetical Mail Order Form is convenient if you know the product names and do not require the catalog category to select your products.

In addition to the Preventics Catalog products, both online forms have a section with an alphabetical list of most of the Preventics Standard Process products.